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Accidents can happen in a split second. 

Make sure that you have the health insurance coverage needed to protect you and/your families’ pocketbook. A Supplemental Accident Insurance Plan can save your family thousands of dollars.

Todays insurance plans can leave you exposed to high out of pocket expenses when you least expect it. Out of pocket expenses due to an accident can be caused by excessively high deductibles, surprise medical bills and low benefit levels. Most individuals do not have the funds saved to afford an unexpected medical expense.

Are you and your family covered in the event of an accident?

Unfortunately, in the case of an accident, those costs can be several thousands of dollars. Many individuals and families are forced to carry high deductible health plans in order to keep their premiums affordable.

Even if you are a healthy individual, in an instant you may need medical care as the result of an unforeseen accident, and having to meet the burden of a high deductible can put strain on an already stressful situation.

When accidents happen, “Surprise medical billing” can be an unexpected expense.

As generally defined, Surprise medical billing refers to unanticipated bills resulting from circumstances in which consumer sought services at an in-network medical facility such as a hospital, ambulatory surgery center or urgent care center.

During their treatment, they unknowingly received services from an out-of-network provider. Most often, especially in rural settings, Emergency rooms are the biggest culprits in surprise medical bills. In order to maximize reimbursement many emergency departments decide not to participate in insurance networks causing you to have to pay!

Midwest Health XChange has solutions to fill the unexpected and unanticipated costs associated with accidents.

Supplemental accident coverage was created to help minimize the costs associated with accident claims.

Policy benefits can be customized to fit your individual needs at a price you can afford! The benefits can be used any way you want, whether to pay down your major medical deductible or coinsurance, or to help cover other expenses like your rent, mortgage or pay a part time employee.

Midwest Health XChange can help reduce your exposure to these unanticipated expenses.

Remember, many common accident injuries can cost thousands of dollars out of pocket even with major medical health insurance, easily maxing out your deductible.  Many expenses may not be obvious, let us help protect you with affordable, supplemental accident insurance options.

The right products, the right approach and the right value!

Here is a recent testimonial from one of our valued clients:

“Chris Rhodes has always conducted himself as the consummate professional.  He has assisted us in finding our way through the complex and ever-changing nature of health care insurance, including educating us on the marketplace option and aiding us in navigating that system. Chris is clear and honest about what is covered, what the cost will be and responsive when we have questions or concerns. Our annual review leaves us confident that we are getting the coverage we need at a price that is appropriate.” David B.

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Learn more how Midwest Health XChange can help protect your family with an affordable supplemental accident plan in Indiana, Illinois, Kentucky, Michigan and Wisconsin.