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Are you turning 26 and need affordable health insurance? 

Happy Birthday!

you’re health insurance has been cancelled!

As an individual turning 26 or a parent of new 26 year old, the transition to an individual health insurance plan can be difficult and stressful.  The agents at Midwest Health XChange can help you decide on the right benefits to fit your needs at a price that you can afford!

Having to transition to an individual health insurance plan can be difficult and stressful for parents and their children!

A popular change in insurance law allows children to remain on their parents plans until age 26.  Some individuals will already have made the change to a new employer provided insurance plan, but several people who are self employed, work part time or do not have access to employer provided coverage, will need a plan.

When should you start looking for new health insurance coverage?

The exact time that you will need to obtain new coverage will depend on your current insurance situation.  If you are on your parents private employer-sponsored plan, typically coverage will end on the last day of the month that you turn 26.

Most individuals should apply well before the end of their current coverage to make sure that there are no gaps created when making the transition to new their new health insurance plan.

Turning 26 can have advantages to obtaining quality, affordable coverage in the private health insurance market. You can customize your health insurance benefits and save your money by not purchasing benefits that you do not want or need!

Affordable solutions are just a click away.

Midwest Health XChange was created to help individuals with the difficult choices surrounding health insurance.

Most young people have spent their lives covered under employer-sponsored plans with little to no knowledge of what comes next when they are removed from their parents plans.  Younger individuals may not require the robust and costly benefits their current plan offers.

We can create an individual health insurance program that fits your needs and your budget.

You Have Options. Midwest Health XChange can help you find the right plan at a price that you can afford.

Midwest Health XChange for Indiana, Illinois, Kentucky, Michigan and Wisconsin. The right products, the right approach and the right value!

Here is a recent testimonial from one of our valued clients:

“Through an experience several years ago when we filed an insurance claim we quickly learned the value of having the right agent to assist.  My agent failed us at that time and our claim was denied.  Fast forward several years to when my wife and I were looking towards retirement.  We began looking for Medicare supplemental insurance.  We knew we needed to find the right agent.  Our neighbor, a few years older than us, advised us to contact Milton Hatfield with Reserve National.  Milton was their agent.  When one of them started having major health challenges, they found Milt to be very helpful.  We made an appointment for Milton to come to our home and he gave us freely of his time.  He learned about us personally before ever talking about insurance.  He then presented a plan that has worked well for us.  We have maintained communication with him and he recently helped us with a policy that will help if/when we need Home Health.

I would like to highly recommend Milton to you as a man of impeccable integrity, knowledgeable, dependable, and very thorough. We think of him as a valuable friend, rather than simply our insurance agent.” Wayne A. – Lebanon, IN

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Learn more how Midwest Health XChange can help customize a quality health insurance plan with affordable coverage for those living in Indiana, Illinois, Kentucky, Michigan and Wisconsin.