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MidWest Health XChange provides flexible and affordable health insurance programs that allow you to keep your Doctors and Hospitals. With over 30 years of combined experience, our team specializes in affordable health insurance programs for individuals, families, small business owners and Medicare eligible individuals.  

Health Insurance reforms continually change the health insurance market. We meet face to face to customize insurance solutions to fit your needs and budget.

Let us help with the Right products, the Right approach and at the Right price for your needs!

What if I lose my health insurance?

“Losing health insurance can be overwhelming and stressful.  If you are worried about taking that next step uncovered, please let Midwest Health XChange guide you thru a step-by-step process to find you an affordable health insurance option.”

We are confident that we are getting the coverage we need

“Chris Rhodes has always conducted himself as the consummate professional.  He has assisted us in finding our way through the complex and ever-changing nature of health care insurance, including educating us on the marketplace option and aiding us in navigating that system. Chris is clear and honest about what is covered, what the cost will be and responsive when we have questions or concerns. Our annual review leaves us confident that we are getting the coverage we need at a price that is appropriate.” David B.

impeccable integrity, knowledgeable, dependable...

“...several years ago when we filed an insurance claim we quickly learned the value of having the right agent to assist. My agent failed us at that time and our claim was denied. Fast forward several years to when my wife and I were looking towards retirement. We began looking for Medicare supplemental insurance. We knew we needed to find the right agent. Our neighbor... advised us to contact Milton Hatfield... When one of them started having major health challenges, they found Milt to be very helpful. We made an appointment for Milton to come to our home and he gave us freely of his time. He learned about us personally before ever talking about insurance. He then presented a plan that has worked well for us. We have maintained communication with him and he recently helped us with a policy that will help if/when we need Home Health. I would like to highly recommend Milton to you as a man of impeccable integrity, knowledgeable, dependable, and very thorough. We think of him as a valuable friend, rather than simply our insurance agent.” Wayne A., Lebanon, IN

Our experience with Chris was great

“We were very concerned when my wife, Elaine, and I were eligible for Medicare. Chris came over to our house and explained all of the options and made sure that we knew the pros and cons of the available selections. After his careful and thoughtful presentation, we moved forward with Medicare and the best supplement for us. We also added Home Health Care Services as well.

Our experience with Chris was great and we highly recommend him to anyone that needs to understand the in and outs of the Medicare program. Chris has really given us one less thing to worry about. He is honest, trustworthy, frugal, smart and helpful.” Dave W.

Milt goes above & beyond...

“Milt Hatfield goes above and beyond to explain things to us in a way that is easy to understand. We have the utmost respect for him because of this. Because of the way he treats us we consider him our friend and respect him enough to refer him to our friends & family. He always makes time to answer all of our questions even when he is busy. He returns every call. If he doesn’t know the answer to a question he admits it and asks someone who knows. This speaks to his character. He actually cares about us and the well being of our family. It is because of all of these attributes as a whole that we can say that he is, not only a great person but also great at his job.

Thank you Milt for being our insurance agent but also our friend.” Brad B. Rochester, IN

Our best interest at heart

My wife and I are self-employed, both turning 65 this year. We met Chris six years ago as we were working toward optimizing our private health insurance situation. At that time, we purchased a modest home healthcare policy from him. Since then, he has been a valuable resource to us as we've navigated through our health insurance decisions. First with our private insurer, then through the Affordable Care Act as that became our health insurance option.

Through all of this assistance, he was never involved directly with our insurance purchase (therefore never receiving any compensation), but he still made himself available whenever we needed his help, always with our best interest at heart. So, as we are now making our Medicare decisions, it is logical to us to let him guide us through this process as well. In short, he has earned our business.James & Debra E.

You're the best!

“Martha and I really appreciate all the information, advice and guidance provided during our insurance and medicare journey. You exceeded all expectations making the details simple and easy to understand. If we can ever be a reference or assist you, please let us know.Paul & Martha W.

Health Insurance Solutions

Health Insurance reforms continually change the health insurance market.  Midwest Health XChange will schedule a visit to meet with you in person. Our team will customize insurance solutions to fit your needs and your budget.

Let us help with the Right products, the Right approach and at the Right price for your needs!

Turning 65?

If you are turning 65 within the next year, it’s time to start thinking about Medicare and your coverage options.

Understanding how Medicare and Part D prescription benefits work and transitioning to new medical coverage, can be confusing and overwhelming.  Midwest Health XChange is here to make it easier.  Let us create a personalized insurance option that fits your needs at a price you can afford!  Learn More

Turning 26 and "aging off"

Turning 26 and ” aging off” of your families health insurance coverage can be a terrifying and potentially expensive experience.  At Midwest Health XChange we can guide you through a simple step by step process to make sure you make the right choice in health insurance at the right price for you!

Don’t wait! There has never been a more important time to be covered by a quality insurance plan.  Learn More

The right products, the right approach and the right value!

Long Term Home Healthcare Solutions

As the cost of living in a nursing home continues to rise along with concerns over health safety, older Americans are looking for alternative solutions for their future healthcare needs. 

Let Midwest Health XChange provide a long term Home Health Care insurance solution to protect your family!  Home Healthcare insurance provides an affordable and flexible option for people wanting to enjoy a better quality of life while recovering in the safety of their homes. 

With no network requirements or out-of-network penalties, you can remain at home, stay safe and in control your healthcare needs. Learn More

Accident Coverage

Accidents happen, but being burdened with out-of-pocket expenses and hospital bills doesn’t have to. Let Midwest Health XChange be the solution to your accident coverage needs.

Whether you are a contractor, self employed, have a high deductible health plan or feel like you need more coverage, let us help! Learn More


Losing Coverage?

  • Has the status of your employment changed?
  • Was your last plan too expensive?
  • Are you turning 26 and losing coverage?

Losing health insurance can be overwhelming and stressful. 

If you are worried about taking that next step uncovered, please let Midwest Health XChange guide you thru a step by step process to find you an affordable health insurance option. Learn More


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